1. Upload a track

Upload to SoudCloud

> Upload your track as private.
> You will see four tabs displayed: Basic, Metadata, Monetization, and Permissions.

You must insert the following: Artist, Track Title and at least one tag on the “Basic” tab in order to monetize.

2. Add Metadata

Upload to SoudCloud

> Add as much info as you can on the Metadata tab.

> SoundCloud requires the following info for your work to be identified properly: Publisher, ISRC, Artist and Composer.
If a track contains music to monetize, SoundCloud also requires you confirm this.

4. What can I expect now?

1. Your track will be reviewed for clearance by MRI (Music Report Inc.).

a. Even though the track will appear in your profile track list during the clearance process it will not be visible to the public.
b. An icon will appear next to the track to let you know it is being cleared.

2. A monetization icon will appear as soon as the track is cleared, and will also receive notification from your SoundCloud Manager.