Our Antipiracy system couldn't be more complete; it allows you to have total control over viewing, automating and removal of illegal content through Cyberlocker, Torrents, VK.com, Filestube.com, or over any other illegal streaming sites you may come across while searching for content on over 5 Billion piracy web pages, 24/7.
Our own carefully created scripts allow info you provide to be used for thorough scanning of a vast range of IP networks, search engines and social sites, as well as on other infringing locations for any illegal instances which may arise regarding your content. Our internal spider scripts are able to identify whether all links are valid or not by following large groups of data, and to initiate the removal process. Depending on the link in question, we report it to multiple properties to guarantee timely removal.
Our system carries out various checks of verifications so we are absolutely sure we are removing the right content. Any links we find and report on regarding your content are readily available in your labels account. Google removed links are the ones which may be removed from search engines alone, but not from the Internet entirely. Most Google removed links are from MP3 search engines (emp3music.net, songslover.com, mp3skull.com, etc.) that index other sites (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.) and are considered legal but removable from search engines. Removed links are from file and cyber lockers (zippyshare.com, hulkshare.com, uploaded.net, etc.) that generally host the full version of files.
Consistent removal of any illegal instances of your content from all platforms drives sales higher. Protecting your content from illegal and unauthorized use puts copyright control back into your hands.


Our Antipiracy System is powered by Boostdasound.

More info: info@bootdasound.com