No matter the chatter regarding new formats and the sea of digital music distribution options available, there is no doubt about it that vinyl remains as vital as ever and that the love story with it continues on. Everyone is thrilled about going digital, which indeed opens doors to new possibilities, but we at Beatrising understand the importance of keeping the door open to the original format and showing it the respect it deserves. Interest in vinyl has only grown stronger despite its being brushed aside, and we know for a fact that the vinyl revival is alive and well and not just talk.

We handle each and every track with integrity, regardless of size or recording history, and guarantee equal access to the market-place; each release is given equal support, tools and routing to all accounts.

Now you really can start selling your vinyl online and in physical record stores worldwide and never have to waste time at the post office again to get your record into the hands of buyers. We’ll stock, ship, and process every order, and being we have an in house vinyl pressing & distribution service, it has never been easier for any label or artist to get their music released and pressed onto custom vinyl.