The Promopool system is set up so that people who want to send their music person to person can, but also so they can piece together and compare real-time stats while monitoring and assessing feedback. Whether it be a promo campaign focused around a Single, an EP or an Album, the system can be used for promoting your incoming new releases or even for showcasing a special Free EP.

Your promo campaigns are yours and yours alone to customise, which also means you have complete control over which types of files your recipients can download. Want only certain recipients to download WAV files and others to have access to just MP3's? You can do that too with Promopool, which also uses an advanced download tracking system, allowing recipients to download tracks as many times as they like for as long as your campaign is active (you decide when it ends). You can also get all your feedback downloaded into one, simple PDF feedback form and send your banner requests to us, which we pass on to our biggest stores (Beatport, Spotify and iTunes).