Beatrising offers a service which helps labels save time while also allowing artists the direct management of their own royalties: the Artist Account.
The Artist Account is a transparent instrument which artists can use to check on their own sales regularly, and to make payment requests directly from Beatrising.
This extremely easy way of handling payments is hassle free, which means less time wasted for labels and their artists.
Thanks to the Artist Account, labels will finally no longer have to deal with paying each of their own artists individually, which leaves much more time to concentrate on ones own music production.
All sales and payments will always be clearly communicated to the label through reports. This same transparency is also guaranteed to artists, who can check the status of their sales and claim payments.
Here's how the Artist Account works in a nutshell: the label in question allows us to activate the artist account for their own artists, they establish the royalty to be awarded to the artist and then authorize payment. The label is then free, is it Beatrising that makes payments directly to the artists.
It only takes a few short steps to activate the Artist Account: do it now!