Spotify offers millions of music lovers around the world the chance to discover new artists. Getting your own music on Spotify playlists is fundamental for any emerging musician in order to reach the vast number of potential fans out there.


Spotify keeps an eye on the difference between traditional user accounts and label profiles, and not just regarding freemium and premium subscription levels. It is important that your label profile be verified so as to entice Spotify playlist curators to include you in their own playlists. A blue check-mark will appear on your label page once verified and you will be able to use your full, real label name without underscores (if any).

These are the 4 needed steps in order to verify your label profile on Spotify:

1) Open a Spotify account under your label name. No spaces are allowed, but underscores can be used instead.
2) Find us using spotify:user:beatrising in the Spotify search and become our follower.
3) Create 3 playlists using only tracks of your label and share them through your social's channels.

4) Ask Spotify to verify your label profile: