Beatport is thrilled to officially announce the launch of the most requested label and supplier feature, pre-order! A pre-order start date indicates the date on which customers may begin previewing and ordering content prior to its official release. Customers who pre-order content will not receive the actual assets until the official release date.

Things to note:
•     If audio preview clips being available is an issue then you should not make the content available for pre-order on Beatport.
•     Tracks on a release can be pre-ordered individually thus the user is not restricted to having to purchase the full release.
•     There is no pre-order sales chart. Track sales count towards the Tracks chart and release sales count towards the Releases chart during the first week of the official release.
•      We suggest 1 or 2 weeks as the pre-order time period.
•      A release can be pre-ordered and has a Beatport exclusive as well.